Sep 25, 2007

This kind of threw me for a loop. I really had no idea what to expect other than the bio that came with the disc said something about some of these guys being from some known hardcore bands from days gone by (I’d name ‘em, but I forget, and I lost the bio). The last thing I was thinking I’d hear was what I can only equate with what Dillinger Four would sound like covering some lost Clash song that they happened to leave off of London Calling. And that was just the first song! The second song got caught up in some kind of reggae thing that I wasn’t really into, but by the third, they were right back at it. Did I mention the organ? No? Well, it makes them have a very Snuff-like quality to them as well. For all of the “sounds like” and “influenced by” I can toss at you, they still manage to sound fresh and original. This is a great record.

 –ty (Stomp)