SAID GUN: Control: LP

Nov 02, 2015

From the name of the band I was expecting something like Embrace, which is where their name comes from. However, this is very poppy punk. It took me a few listens to get past the fact that they are not a mid-’80s D.C.-hardcore-inspired band. Once I accepted that, I found this record to be one that grows on you more and more, revealing its depth and sonic power on each listen. Stylistically, they remind me of Jawbreaker, Canadian Rifle, Superchunk, late period Hüsker Dü (in the guitar sound), and Teenage Cool Kids. They don’t exactly sound like those bands, but if you like those bands, you will more than likely like these guys. This is far better than that 1990s crapola pop punk sound that was ubiquitous. It is more good-time music than dour protest music. If that’s a good thing or bad thing depends on how far that stick up your ass is lodged. The songs are catchy as hell without being sappy. The lead and backing vocals are pretty damn good and serve the music well. It’s the kind of music I would imagine being on a mix tape you would listen to on the way to your favorite lake in the summer. I like how the tempo builds and changes in “Pray the Gay Out.” The wall of guitar that comes in at the end of “Consequence of Caring” is so damn good! Crank it up and lose yourself in the sound. There’s a lot of texture in these songs. The pacing and sequencing is perfect. Well worth picking up. I like, I like... 

 –M.Avrg (Said Gun,