SAFES, THE: Well Well Well: CD

Mar 14, 2007

My friend Rick wants to like power pop. He digs the guitar hooks and appreciates the melodies. He can deal with the occasional skinny tie. He hates the lyrics, though. He can't sing along to tales of broken hearts. He's not chasing nineteen. I think he's wrong about power pop. I tell him to ignore the meaning of the words and focus on the sounds—that's where the fun is. Rick is going to love the Safes' Well Well Well. It's got the hooks and melodies and the lyrics are personal without being pandering. "Everybody in the world but me/ Is on the inside of the joke apparently...the rules I need they hide" (“Everybody in the World”). A skosh cynical, sure, but perfectly counter balanced by the glass-is-half-full "Cool Sounds" ("Cool sounds are here again"). Rick's going to ask who the Safes sound like. He won't believe me when I say the Beatles, the Clash, and the Replacements. Phrases like "power pop hooks with punk rock conviction" won't seal the deal either, but they'll pique his curiosity and Well Well Well will do the rest. One of the best records of the year. –Mike Faloon

 –guest (O'Brothers)