SADO-NATION: The Teal Project: CDEP

Sep 10, 2009

Holy moly. It’s the original Portland Sado-Nation from 1978. Well, sorta. The first and last songs are Sado-Nation (with three original members, excluding the drummer Chuck) and the middle two are a band called Those Powerful Pheromones, which share singer/guitarist, David Corboy. My favorite track of the quartet is the first. “Nuke Up Now!”’s got that loose, chargey female-fronted wickedness. It’s a re-recording more off the We’re Not Equal LP from ‘82 that’s a lot less shrill (Mish Bondage’s voice is deeper, more powerful), less flirting with metal, more straight ahead, and more powerfully recorded. Pretty darn cool. Didn’t much care for the second track, “Insomnia Insomniac,” which overlapped with what I’ve been exposed to Jethro Tull a tad too much for my liking. “When the Sun Stops” picks it up with a bouncy beat and toe tappability. “16 Again” - I just really like the tension that Sado-Nation is capable of. They capture the vibe of sirens going off and people running by you and getting caught in a fun riot. Not sure why it’s not a clean split (two songs then two songs) between to the two projects.

 –todd (Cordical Music Co.)