SABERTOOTH: Space Between: LP

Jan 19, 2016

I will shop a record based on its graphics and design. I think most browsing consumers do the same, visual stimuli being the first contact point and potentially being a major deciding factor (sans audio availability). Keith Caves’ art cuts, much like the dagger of the back cover, with Pettibonesque starkness. Inside the grooves of Sabertooth’s third and final release, according to Todd of Debt Offensive’s note, is pop punk/melodic hardcore from Calgary with nods to Lifetime and Kid Dynamite. Maybe it’s the fact that Space Between is the bookend of Sabertooth, but the songs carry a genuiness and honesty that carries beyond those foundations. The difference between being apt and loving what you’re doing versus being compelled and living what you’re doing. Melodic hardcore is often fun, but age it, run it through the experience mill, and Sabertooth is shouldering a deeper connection in listening experience, more akin to None More Black or Smoke Or Fire. Seek this one out, limited to three hundred.

 –Matt Seward (Debt Offensive,