SABERTOOTH SNATCH : Project Sherm : 7"+CD

Jul 29, 2010

A five-song, lowish-fi, jazz-core mini-opera that the producers claim to be about some wacky space adventure of some sort, but sounds to me like it is actually about the life and times of Stephen Egerton. Comes with a fold-out poster sleeve, a CD-R, and a libretto ((well, a piece of folded-over paper detailing the story)) ((which in and of itself is quite amusing and well done)). I hope Project Sherm means a lot to some people. I may not be included in that particular subset of humanity. BEST SONG: “Space Niggas” BEST SONG TITLE: “Red Light Planet” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: Shermy, along with Patty and Charlie Brown, were the three characters featured in the first-ever Peanuts strip in 1950.

 –norb (Goin’ Ape Shit)