SA90: Psychopathic Little Girl: CD-R

Sounds like a mix of studio and live recordings from a band that have tell-tale signs they might have roots that go a wee bit deeper than the past decade. There’s definitely the tinge of bar punk to ‘em, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but when you least expect it, the band takes on the attack of a band that sounds like it cut its teeth in straight ahead early/mid-‘80s punk/hardcore. I really can’t explain the sound other than to say it’s like dispensing with nuance and “style” and opting instead to assault the instruments. It’s usually evidence that those responsible learned by doing rather than spending hours at home honing their “craft.” This, along with the comparatively primitive quality of the recordings (which are clean but don’t sound like they’ve been ProTooled to death) lends the proceedings some edge and a feel of authenticity.

 –jimmy (SA90,