Jun 04, 2008

Rymodee: First of all, I love This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb. So, my expectations were pretty high, and I was let down at first listen. I get really excited about new sneakers, probably because I buy a new pair on average about once every two years. I get them home and smile every time I walk into my room and see them practically shining next to my pair of old faithfuls. Then I put them on for the first real time, not just around the apartment, but for the whole day. Something just feels wrong. They’re shiny and have soles fully intact, but they just don’t feel right. I usually won’t wear them again for a couple of days, but I keep going back because I know that with a little time they’ll fit just right. That’s what happened with Rymodee for me. I knew there was something to this, I just had to get to that perfect spot with it. Redemption came in the form of some cramming before a final and a loud group in the library apparently studying for their Petty Shit and Hair Tips 101 class. This was the only CD I had, so I listened to it eight times in a row. Somewhere around the sixth listen I felt the last of the sole break in and felt it fit perfectly around me. More folk and bluegrass influence than TBIAPB, and no catchy pop hints either, but for quiet-time listening it doesn’t get much better than this for me lately. Ghost Mice: Definitely decent, but I’m not as sold as I am on the Rymodee tracks, but, hell, they have a saw playing on some tracks. 

 –megan (Friends and Relatives)

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