RYDELLS, THE: Rock N Roll Is the Answer: CD

Nov 05, 2008

As an inveterate Ramones loyalist, I have to ask: What exactly is the point of the existence of “Ramonescore” and all of these lame bands/records this unfortunate genre has spawned? Seriously, Joey and co. were a fantastic band not just because they had some excellent melodies, but because what they did was exciting and vital at a time when nobody else had the same kind of vibe or energy. Shamelessly and painfully ripping off those ‘70s icons for more than a couple of songs leads to some incredibly unimaginative filler, especially when you find shameless rips like the wholesale lifting of the structure of “Carbona Not Glue” with an overlay of bad new lyrics. To quote the venerable Ergs!, “Xerox your genitals, not the Ramones.”

 –Reyan (Cabana 1)