RVIVR: The Beauty Between: LP

Jun 13, 2014

RVIVR is one of the best things to come out of Olympia, WA. They are a gender-balanced four piece (two guys, two girls) who harmonize with each other and play to a tight, driving beat while belting out some very inspiring lyrics. I feel that if music could give you a hug and tell you not only that things will be okay, but things will awesome, RVIVR would be the arms that held you. Their songs focus on change for the better while not letting life’s daily bullshit get you down. There is a fine tuned dichotomy between Matt and Erica’s vocals; the male vocals are euphoric and heartfelt while the female vocals are coarse and raspy. Coupled by strong lead and rhythm guitar parts, they create a marriage of melody. Together, it sounds wonderful. “Spider Song” is far and away the most important track on this record for me. It deals with relationships that are not necessarily on the outs, but rather slowly loosing relevance for both parties. “You can love someone and just not stay friends,” is a centerpiece lyric from this song. It also focused on self-growth and being okay in your own skin. On the B-side there’s a trilogy of darker themes called “The Hunger Suite” which pulls empathy right out of you. This triplet of tracks (subtitled “Go Away,” “Bleed Out,” and “Hunger”) transport the listener through feelings of utter abandon, self-deprecation, and a satiable urge for recovery. The lyric “I get so low, solo” in “Go Away” gets challenged with “Magic’s not gone from the world, it’s just harder to find” in “Bleed Out,” ending with “We want to be well” in “Hunger.” Musically, even through lyrics of pain and loneliness, RVIVR stays bright and uplifting with pop punk sensibilities, inviting you to sing along every step of the way. They recognize the difficulty in balancing contentment and depression and manage to find the beauty between.

 –Kayla Greet (Rumbletowne)