RVIVR: Life Moves: 7”EP

May 26, 2009

I’m not religious, but I believe there are forces greater than ourselves that we cannot control nor fully understand. Color me a dark shade of purpley bummed when the Shorebirds broke up. When I heard that member(s) of the Shorebirds went on to RVIVR, I sorta shrugged, still rooting for a past favorite instead of caring about their musical present. Well, turn that slouchy shrug into a touchdown stance. RVIVR flat-out rule, too, although it’s a different gig. Apparently, California’s EastBay has shifted up to Olympia, Washington. And what you get is ragged, scrappy, catchy, co-ed DIY punk that has more than a passing blush in the vocal department to Annie of This Is My Fist and Ambition Mission. Songs about fought-hard-for optimism, the sand-choking passage of time, and the ultimate question: What’s next? RVIVR brings it.

 –todd (Rumbletowne)

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