RVIVR: “Derailer” b/w “Real Mean”: 7”

Jan 14, 2010

It’s hard not to be smitten by RVIVR (pronounced “reviver”). Even if you disregard that all profits from this 7” go towards a bicycle non-profit in Denver, even if you disregard that the lyrics deal with the complexities and nuance of the word “community” in a compelling manner, even if you disregard that Rumbletowne Records—operated by Erika and Matt of RVIVR—has consistently put out great music in crafty packaging, you still have to contend with how flat-out kick-ass the music is. Achy-voiced compassion played with DIY magic. They’re one of what I call “Thundercats” bands; it’s where each member is excellent on their own, but when all forces combine, they’re basically unstoppable. I find myself putting the brakes on from flipping this over more than twice in one sitting. I want it to continue to last in small, powerful sips over a long time. Great stuff.

 –todd (Rumbletowne)