RVIVR: Belebend: 7”

Well, I’m very excited to be the one to review this 7”. RVIVR has been one of my favorite bands since I received their first 7” via CD-R back in 2008 when asked to book a show for their first tour. Over the years, this band has grown into something beautiful. With their latest release, they definitely do not stray away from what they have been doing for the last five years. I like to hope everyone has that band that just really digs deep and hits you where it counts and gets you going every time you hear them. This is that band for me. This 7” consist of two songs. The passion and the hope and the positive message of knowing you’re not alone in how you might feel is overwhelming in both tracks, just like previous releases. I, personally, have a hard time expressing how I feel sometimes. I also feel unsure of some things in my life, yet the gentle but empowering messages this band drops on you in every track are sometimes just what you need to know you are not alone and there are others out there who know what you’re going through. Yeah, I’m an old man but I recognize the struggle people have—whether they are open with it or keep it bottled up—everyone needs a positive outlet and something to get that personal self-confidence and pride out there. The music in these songs are typical RVIVR: well thought out, driven, intricate and powerful. I love this band and I love this record.

 –Marty Ploy (Yo-Yo)