RUTABEGA, THE: Shiny Destination: 7”

The two songs on this seven inch both clock in at exactly 2:38, but couldn’t be more different from one another. The title track is a fun, fast romper with great drumming that propels the song along. With the yelling backing female vocals on the chorus, it reminds me of RVIVR. The b-side, “Ladder,” is an unused track from The Rutabega’s last full-length, Brother, The Lights Don’t Work. I can hear how it would’ve fit in with those songs, as it’s more of a somber, indie rock tune. I like the excitement and energy of “Shiny Destination,” but the reflective tone on “Ladder” gets me every time. Both are winners for entirely different reasons, but it’s a great example of the diversity of The Rutabega’s sound. Whatever way this Indiana duo goes in the future, I can’t wait to hear it. 

 –kurt (Triple Eye Industries)