RUST: Rough Ready & Razored: 7”

When I saw a record with combat boots, skulls, and shaved heads, I expected to find street punk or oi on the inside. Although they borrow many elements from both genres, Rust is neither. Straight up rock ‘n’ roll with a heavy Motörhead influence, Rust powers through formulaic AA BB rhyming couplets, split up with ripping guitar riffs and gang vocals on nearly every chorus. Sticking loyally to the rock mantra, there are songs about murder, being a punk, and prostitution which, strangely, includes some jazzy guest female vocals. “The Curse of Rock N Roll” is like a two minute who’s who music history lesson with a whopping total of eleven musicians referenced. Fans of Lemmy, New Bomb Turks, and AC/DC’s brand of rock will enjoy this fast-paced record, though it’s not anything you could ever love. Rust makes a fair attempt at replicating a classic genre and putting a punk twist on it, but I just can’t see anyone singing along to lyrics like, “Up in the morning and I play some ska / Drink my coffee from a jar / Got me some kids, got me a wife / Skinhead anthems a way of life / Boots, buckles, Motörhead, punk rock, skinhead” without feeling totally embarrassed. 

 –Kayla Greet (Longshot Music,