RUNNING ON FUMES: The Beginning of the End: CD

This was recorded at Westbeach Studios, where just about every single Epitaph band from the mid to late ‘90s eventually found themselves recording at one time or another. And I think that’s just about the most telling thing about this band—if you’re looking for a comparison, how about this: these guys sound exactly like a prototypical Epitaph band from that period. Whether or not that’s a good thing is up to you. Pickslides that morph into guitar solos, pretty catchy stuff, group vocals smattered throughout, lyrics that tackle some cryptic emotional dissatisfaction or another, that type thing. They spent some work on it (four months in the studio apparently, recording and mixing the thing), and there’s some passion there, but I can’t help but feel that there’s somewhat of a glut of bands who’ve already tilled this ground pretty solidly before these cats rolled up. Not that that, like, disqualifies them from playing music or anything; just means you’re gonna have to pay more attention to the chops coming out of your amp and less to the ones sprouting on your cheeks in order to get my head bobbing along.

 –keith (Fallen Angel)