RUNNAMUCKS: On the Brink: CD

Jul 28, 2009

I have a headache and it has gotten worse. I needed something soothing and calm to listen to. What I got was a blast of music that was a thrash cocktail of early Gang Green meets the Neos and with the sucker punch of Black Flag. The drums are played so fast that they almost blur out of attention. Tempos change from manic speeds to drop-on-a-dime stops to mid tempo jams. The guitar buzzes with a nasty energy that makes me imagine that they might be bleeding from all the friction off the strings. Vocals are screamed the old fashioned way. True musicianship shows by their ability to write songs that are fast and interesting. Some bands in this genre tend to be repetitive and generic. This band seems to have taken great stakes to write songs that are not overly focused on the thrash aspect but the power of the song. But the thrash they do play. They can hold their own against anyone. I have been taken back in time to the early '80s. So much torture with so much enjoyable pain. Listening to new music was a bad idea. I’m going to go get a beer and some aspirin to calm down from this experience.

 –don (Runnamucks)

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