RUNNAMUCKS: Clawing Back: LP

Jul 02, 2009

This band has been kicking around for years now, touring and putting out records. They work hard but they tend to get overlooked, which is mega unfortunate. Hopefully, this record will change that. All of the songs are distinct, incorporating different textures, while still falling within the boundaries of hardcore. Those boundaries are tested, but not, ummm, Fucked Up. The musicianship is top notch. If you want to hear an example of a modern hardcore band that knows what to do with a guitar, you’ll find it on this slab of wax. Quick, bright, and brilliant solos are sprinkled throughout. The one at the tail end of “Never be Mine” is a standout. They also bring in a piano, adding some simple key thumping over “Goodbye Sweet Nothing.” The best part is that it all still sounds raw. It still cuts.

 –mp (Six Weeks)