RUNN-A-MUCKS, THE: Deficit of Dreams: CD

Mar 07, 2013

I’ve seen this band’s ads and reviews around for years and had always written them off as a run-of-the-mill thrash band, mostly due to their kind of silly name and appropriation of old Marvel characters for all of their album sleeves. And while that’s partly true—there’s definitely a thread of tongue-in-cheek hardcore running throughout Deficit of Dreams— the Runn-A-Mucks are also surprisingly nuanced and multi-dimensional. Which seems a ridiculous thing to say about an album that has Captain America firing an Uzi on the back sleeve, but there you go. Elements of punk and even hard rock combined with thinly veiled comic book references (“Suspended Animation” and “Symbiote Saga” being the most blatant) are actually pretty rocking. On paper, it reads as possibly one of the shittiest ideas ever, but these guys pull it off. Couched somewhere between the Dwarves, The Humpers, and the Sons Of Hercules, though they’ve admittedly got a way to go before they can manage the swagger of those bands. Still, this one’s definitely got its moments, and is definitely worth a listen.

 –keith (Ripping)