Oct 16, 2009

First, put on your Crimpshrine glasses for the length of this review. Dude Jams: Song 1: Whoah, dude, you’ve got a lot of Todd Congelliere in your monitor. Turn that Toys That Kill knob down a coupla notches (it’s the one between the FYP and URTC knobs). Song 2: Whoah, dude, turn down the FYP one a bit, too. I understand channeling your influences, but these two cuts seem like a direct re-broadcast of an already-heard episode… of another band. Rumspringer: Ten years ago, I asked Davey Tiltwheel what he thought about Discount. He smiled, shook his head, and said, “They don’t breathe.” And although Davey didn’t ruin my admiration of Discount, I couldn’t listen to them the same. Rumspringer’s a band that breathes. The songs have a lot of open flexibility, are musically expansive, and, through stretches of time, you pleasantly realize there aren’t vocals. As an aside, when the vocalist speeds up, he sounds like the Bouncing Souls’ vocalist.

 –todd (Muy Auténtico,