Nov 17, 2011

Rumspringer: You know what I like? When you read along, it’s all, “Shit, man. Life’s a black hole. All my socks have holes. All my relationships have holes.” But when you listen to the tone, pacing, and you just mimic the words, it sounds so, “Hell yeah, man! Every day’s an endless series of high fives! I communicate clearly, efficiently, and in a way that’s no one’s ever uncomfortable with what I’m sayin’! Huge slices of awesome pie for everyone!” That’s what I like. That dichotomy of light and dark, of shadows and sunlight. One long, epic song from the boys of Coolidge, AZ. Shang-A-Lang: Can I shed that one tear now, a little prematurely? Is it a bit too much if I say Shang-A-Lang breaking up is like someone littering my sacred ground? Should I say that, or should we solicit the “Smithsonian of Punk” to enshrine Chris’s 4-channel recorder? There’s one more 7” on the horizon and then the van’s officially launched over the side of the cliff. If duct tape was a sound… sigh… broken bottles, low expectation/high yield punk never sounded better.  –todd (Dirt Cult)

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