RUMBLESEAT: Trestles" b/w "Restless: 7"

May 14, 2001

This is the country side project of Chris and Chuck of Hot Water Music, along with Samantha Jones, that heavily reminds me of Johnny Cash's "Rock Island Line" LP (mostly because it's chock-full of railroad references). It's replete with solemn echoes, poetic vagrants, and souls who have been beaten but not broken accompanied by plaintive vocals and a warm-toned, hollow-body guitar. What keeps it far from sucking is that it's cliche-free, and it trembles out of the speakers as heart-felt. A welcome change of pace.  –todd ($3 ppd. to No Idea, PO Box 14636, Gainsville, FL 32604-4636. Rumbleseat, 116 NW 13th St. #141, Gainsville, FL 32604)

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