Jun 29, 2007

Ever have one of those nights where you’re heartbroken and depressed, so you call up your best friends and they come over with a couple of twelve packs and you all sit on the porch and drink and talk and laugh and by the end of the night you feel better about everything? That’s what Rumbleseat sounds like. This is an old (1998) side project from the dudes with the beards in Hot Water Music, Chuck and Chris, along with their friend Samantha. I might be wrong about this, but I think they might have been one of the first genre-defining “campfire punk” bands. It’s just acoustic guitars, two dudes, and a lady singing and a little bit of harmonica and accordion thrown in here and there. It’s mostly original songs with a few covers (including a stellar version of Johnny Cash’s “Jackson”). This is a complete discography of tracks that originally appeared on four different 7”s. This shit is great. I’m probably gonna listen to it a whole lot in the next few months. You should, too.

 –ben (No Idea)