RUMBLESEAT: Discography: CD

Jul 06, 2007

A few years ago, at the height of my appreciation for all things Hot Water Music, a friend of mine taped a few Rumbleseat songs for me, telling me that it was a country side project of Chuck and Chris from Hot Water Music. It started off with the song “Picker,” and I wasn’t too impressed. The tape continued with “Saturn in Crosshairs” and it made me very glad that I kept listening. I feel the same way about this CD. The upbeat songs, whether they’re about getting drunk or being “crazier than a shithouse rat,” are pretty hokey, like Hee Haw but not as funny. I’d rather listen to a whole album of the slow burners like “Trestles.” It’s full of everything that’s been missing from the recent Hot Water Music material, and it’s amazing. In the end, even though there are songs I don’t like, I wore out my Rumbleseat tape and I’m glad I have a replacement for it.

 –josh (No Idea)