Tearing through nine songs of chunky, angular riffs and staccato yells, Ruined Families, from Athens, Greece, play evolved hardcore with post-screamo, post-punk, post-whatever flourishes. They make an impact immediately. The arrangements aren’t the derivative loud-quiet-loud formula that is the go-to for current emotive hardcore bands. Instead, the aural assault begins with “Only Need Is Real” and continues through to the last song, “Pedestal.” The subtle tonal shifts make for an engaging listen. From metallic assault, like Florida’s Ex-Breathers, to the shoegaze-lite of “Easy Living,” Ruined Families stretch their legs in a genre sadly synonymous with uniformity. Also, the lyrics are divisive with plenty of food for thought, criticizing capitalist parenting and punk stereotypes: “We were born inside a trap. The punks want their money back.” Thoughtful stuff.

 –Sean Arenas (Adagio830,