RUDE PRAVO: Non Mi Pento: CD

Jul 29, 2009

The cover of Non Mi Pento has a cartoon of them all causing some mischief. The thing that got me was that it looked like they were some bastard super group made up of Moby, someone who’s a cross between Mike Watt and Shawn Stern, Rosie O’Donnell, a cross between John Lennon and Joey Ramone, and a long-lost Blues Brother. It’s really pretty good, though. I hear lots of Business and some Stiff Little Fingers in there. They’re Italian and sing in Italian, which brings me to a realization I had when I was listening to this. I’ve given this quite a few listens, but this would probably never make it into my heavy rotation. With music as catchy as theirs and lyrics encouraging sing-alongs, I want to do just that – sing along. With my Italian limited to, “Oh il mio dio, io l’embarrased un pesce.” I don’t see it happening any time soon. So, when I get the urge to hear something that they could definitely do, I won’t reach for them, but a band I can actually sing with as I bounce around and piss off my downstairs neighbors. People who aren’t as afflicted as I should pick this up. 

 –megan (KOB)

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