RUBY BUFF: Insufficient Funs: CS

Nov 02, 2015

Holy power pop, Batman! Jangly and catchy, Ruby Buff’s music is fun and dancey without losing its edge. While tracks like “Bike” and “Judee” are pure, unadulterated singalong joy, the guitar on “Totally Down” and swagger of the verses on “Landmine” reveal some underlying reverence for classic punk rock. “Single Livin’” is a short and sweet love ballad dedicated to riding bikes and “Double Livin’” introduces a subtle, ‘60s throwback doo wop vibe that I didn’t realize I had needed all along until it arrived on the final track. Insufficient Funs is the perfect soundtrack for winding your single speed through the city on a sunny spring day. 

 –Kelley O’Death (Self-released)