RUBRICS: Apathy Makes This an Institution: Cassette

May 08, 2013

This release from a three piece out of South Carolina is Apathy Is an Institution plus a handful of covers from a benefit for Get Better Records tacked on and minus a few quick sound bites. Ninety percent of this release marches on with their DIY hardcore thrash, while “This Music Is My Life” and “Violators Will Be Prosecuted” swerves into melodic territory with Rancid-flavored punk. Kerri, the female vocalist/bass player takes over in “Never Grow Up” and can be heard in gang choruses, lending texture to the otherwise burly vocals. The extra cuts are do-overs from label mates The Ergs!, Pinhead Gunpowder, Noah Eagle, Kimya Dawson, and Super Famicon. Highlights being Famicon’s folk metal “Throw Like a Girl,” which they turn into a boiling bucket of sweat. Recommended.

 –Kristen K (Get Better / Let’s Pretend)