RUBRICS: Apathy Is an Institution: LP

Sep 19, 2013

I luckily dragged myself out of my home coma to catch Rubrics touring through Alabama with Burning Bridges last year. Their show was in a short-lived storage warehouse where they played to about fifteen kids and one creeper old guy (me). I’ve been looking out for this full length to be released with only a split 7” to tide me over, but the LP has been worth the wait. Rubrics blast out an exuberant noise that would have sat well on a Very Small comp (somewhere between Econochrist and 23 More Minutes would have been good) and keep their lyrics on the ideological Fifteen side of things. You may agree on many, but not all (the song out child immunization sticks out for me) the stances Rubrics have decided to take up, but there’s enough energy, passion, and thought behind them that you’ll applaud them for doing so. Grab one of these up and get moving.

 –Matt Seward (Lost Cat,