Jul 26, 2014

Rubrics: Killer, very Crimpshrine/Fifteen-y dual male/female crusty melodic punk rock with great, fitting, anarchist hippie peace punk lyrics. Lots of Grimple in there, too. Fans of that world (of which there’s no shortage) would do very well to seek this out. I know I’ll be spinning it plenty. Abolitionist: Three more great tracks from these smart, prolific Portlandians. Fast, furious, catchy skatepunk in a Propagandhi-meets-Strike Anywhere vein with lyrics reminiscent of Less Talk-era Chris Hannah. Terrific. This is a split release between ten different labels from around the planet and comes with a great handwritten fold-out lyric sheet that looks fresh from a Food Not Bombs info table. Awesome stuff all around. 

 –Dave William (1859 / Get Better / Drunken Sailor / Different Kitchen / Waterslide / Bonfire Club / Reality Is A Cult / Lost Cat Records / Fly The Light / Hahaha Cool!))

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