RUBBERNECK #2, : $8 ppd., 8½” x 11”, printed, 40 pgs.

Rubberneck is a photozine of all Austin, Texas bands. You get some live shots and some portraits of bands like Flesh Lights, OBN III’s, Planets, Wiccans, Creamers, Manikin, RayonBeach, and the rest. I must say, as for band portraits, these are some of the better ones I’ve ever seen, they’re very sensibly composed. Rubberneck hasnone of that cheesy shit where the band members are standing on rocks in the middle of nowhere holding their respective instruments, or lined up against the wall of some graffiti-covered alleyway looking tough. Instead, they’re simple and natural, such as the photo of Jake Garcia from The Ripe with his face pressed against the fence, or the photo of Dustin Coffey from Shapes Have Fangs on the left-hand page with his hands pushing his face in different directions. My favorite live shots are of the Bad Sports, The Stuffies, Love Collector, Planets, Bill Jeffery, and The Wax Museums (the distorted face is awesome!). Looking at these photos it’s very apparent the photographers Renate Winter and Jon Chamberlain are very passionate and heavily involved in their local scene, which allows for the intimacy of many of the subjects. I’m inspired and envious looking at this—very well worth your time. –M.Avrg ([email protected],