RSO: Row:: LP + CD

Mar 15, 2010

I listened to the CD version of Row while getting to work on a lousy morning: I couldn’t find my wallet and ugly Ohioan ice had coated my windshield, so I ended up late. As I sped along (probably like a jerk), RSO’s disgruntled noise/hardcore roared out my speakers, providing skittering sax, noxious vocals, strained feedback, and guitar riffs that sound like the byproduct of a nuclear reactor test. It was a wild, painful experience that made me think what Paint It Black would be like if they had a few screws loose and why I should give The Jesus Lizard another listen sometime. I suppose it’s a compliment that this disc amplified my anxiousness and didn’t make me feel any better about my day.

 –Reyan (RSO,