ROYDEN: Best Friends Our Worst Enemies: CDEP

Sep 27, 2006

This band has some kind of unhealthy obsession with storks—it’s even part of their website. Not sure what the deal is with that, but moving on to the matter at hand. The music you scream—what about the music? Yes, yes I was getting to that. Bits of emo, but not enough to be entirely unlistenable. The music is competent, and there are actually some vocal melodies sprinkled in this mini smorgasbord. Imagine a bit of At The Drive In with Story Of The Year. It would probably sound better in my car going 90 MPH on the freeway with all the windows down late at night, but I have responsibilities now, man! So I at least can’t do that until Friday after a couple cocktails. (In the passenger seat, of course!) “Made in Lies” is the break-out track on this slab, as they say in the biz. Fun, unimportant fact—their singer’s God given Christian name is Treebo. It says so right in the liner notes.

 –koepenick (Hopeless)

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