ROYAL PAINS, THE: Get Punched: 7” EP

Nov 28, 2006

Part A Lines: Frenzied, helium squirrel female vocals (which are rad.) Part nail hammered into the trachea, growling male vocals ala Whiskey Sunday. Part Billy Childish: his fingerprints are all over this 7”, and beyond the fact that he produced and mixed it, The Royal Pains’ celebrate musical amateurism and worn kneecap music well-loved by Mr. Childish. Part Triggers: Rotted-out-fillings, lead-in-the-blood stream meanness and “Is it a party? Okay, I’ll piss my pants” feel. Their full powderkegosity culminates on the final song, “Eye on You,” which has become my favorite track, by mixing the cocktail perfectly. Excellent.

 –todd (Jonnycat)