ROYAL PAINS: Get Punched: 7”

Apr 09, 2007

This is catchy enough, but I just can’t get into it. On the title track, I can’t tell if it’s a joke (which isn’t sarcastic enough to work) or serious (where it’s kind of ridiculous and on the meathead side of things—“Goin’ out with the girls tonight/ You know there’s gonna be a figh./ Got my brass knuckles in my purse.”). I like the gruff male vocals, and the female’s can be nice but they tend to venture into squeaks in strange ways. I mean, I can love it when it sounds like a six-year-old girl is singing (I love the Grumpies), but here, she sings (and can sing well) at a lower range, but then, for no apparent reason, a mouse weasels its way out of her throat. This is especially true on “Pressure,” which, if not for that, may have been the strongest track.

 –megan (Jonnycat)