ROY: Killed John Train: CD

Jun 20, 2007

Mr. Todd Taylor is a clever one. I pop this CD in the player and right there on the first song, the guy starts singing about Reno. That’s where I live! Unfortunately, “Reno, I’m Coming Home” contains a line within that states, “Empty halls with sparse applause yields another bad review.” Err… this does not bode well for Roy. There’s a great, phony album teaser at the end of Built To Spill’s CD, There’s Nothing Wrong with Love, where producer Phil Eck introduces songs that will appear on the next LP. The songs are miles apart from each other stylistically, much like the material on Killed John Train. Country-tinged indie-pop in the vein of Wilco and Neutral Milk Hotel followed by slow alterna-moodiness the recalls Idlewild and Guided By Voices with some early Silver Jews thrown in to allow things to get really quiet. As none of these descriptive terms contain the words “rock” or “roll” or the letter “n,” I didn’t care much for this.

 –benke (Lujo)