ROXY EPOXY & THE REBOUND: Band-Aids on Bullet Holes: CD

Jul 02, 2009

1) I love the Epoxies; 2) I have no idea what happened to the Epoxies; 3) This sounds more or less like it could be the third Epoxies album, so, y’know, whatever. I mean, i suppose that the Epoxies sported a more 1979-81 type of new wavery, and this is more of a 1981-84 vertical slice—i.e., more Adam Ant than Adam & The Ants ((although that’s a pretty poor point of reference)), or more MTV than Fridays—but, other than that, it’s still Roxy’s voice, taut and well-separated guitar / bass / drums, and synths which make deep, cerebral farting sounds, so i can’t say as i have a wellspring of complaints on the matter. The opening track, “Walls,” does have a sort of “Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves”-ish 2/4 beat to it ((under all the deep and cerebral synth farts and what-not)), which seems like some manner of subliminal Cher-channeling to me—but, i mean, you’d imagine that if the Epoxies had lived long enough to emit a third album, they would have expended most of their leftover punkarooni anyway, and be more Radio Hit than Nerd Orgy at this point, so what’s the diff? Only thing i find troubling about this record is the absence of one or more “Need More Time” type smasheroonis… which, i suppose, could be fairly troubling to investors. I’ll review my portfolio immediately. BEST SONG: “

New Way” BEST SONG TITLE: “This Twist” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: I don’t really care for the graphics, and i actively dislike the typography.  –norb (Metropolis)