Jul 12, 2007

Due to the fact that I adored the band Discount, I often found myself thinking, “I wonder what happened to the rest of the band?” Allison is in the Kills and changed her name to “ceiling fan” or something. Jason went to House of Fire (whose debut EP is a fuckin’ mauler), but what ever happened to Bill, who had dreams of making a zine of him bathing in creamed corn? He shows up in the Routineers, a band with Amanda MacKaye (the lady who started Sammich Records in 1985, has returned the label from a long hiatus, and had put out early Soul Side and Swiz records.) “Thanks for the history lesson, Todd. But what do they sound like?” Like a mix between Slant Six—Amanda’s got a great, clear, forceful voice—and brainy, mid-period DC hardcore (think Rites of Spring more than Minor Threat, if you’re working on a slide rule). Angular, smart, but not afraid to throw some jabs. There’s a lot of indie rock skipping around this, too, but it’s not so bothersome for me since it doesn’t come across the least bit pretentious and the band peels out on several of the tracks. My favorite cuts are when the male and female vocals spring back and forth, like in “Messy Room.”

 –todd (Dischord/ Sammich)

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