ROUGH KIDS: “Why So Serious,” “Going Blank” b/w “Can’t Stand You”: 7”EP

There was a time all the way through the ‘90s where a band like the Rough Kids wouldn’t have to look too far to find a record company that would be in easy alignment with what they’re doing. These guys would be a shoo-in for Rip Off, Crypt, or Estrus; all extremely prolific labels, all known for their deep catalogs and great taste. All, now, are out of business or not releasing anything new. So, it’s a telling sign that catchy punk rock with deep rock’n’roll roots is once again on the outside looking in, to the point where it’s a DIY affair, recorded and released by the band. (Or maybe they’re tired of getting ripped off. Dunno.) I’ve had the pleasure of seeing them several times in L.A.—and not once with a proper roof over their heads. Well worth seeking out.

 –todd (Rough,