ROUGH KIDS: The State I’m In: LP

May 08, 2013

With all the “hardcore” talk surrounding this band, I was expecting some crazed, thrashy stuff akin to Negative Approach or Septic Death. This ain’t that kinda dance, though. They’re definitely “hardcore,” but more in the late 1979 beach/OC kinda sense of the term—less emphasis on hyper-speed tempos and more on catchy, thuddy brilliance. The band is tight as fuckin’ nails here, seamlessly working each track to a fine punk rockin’ froth that shimmers with bits of the thug-pop glory days of bands like Der Stab, Social Task, Convicted, and the Cheifs, delivering the goods with both enough heft to facilitate the inevitable circle of sweaty boys proving their masculinity, and with enough pop sense layered in that this could’ve been released on Dirtnap and no one would’ve blinked an eye. Sum this whole thing up into a single word? Fan-fucking-tastic.

 –jimmy (Sorry State)