The Rough Kids have easily become one of L.A.’s most cherished bands. They’re able to harness a brand of garage punk that never shies away from the bubble gum hooks yet still stands firm and aggressive. Seeing them play has become a bonding experience of sorts. It’s not very often that L.A. can agree on a band. And, of course, anytime Tsubasa wants to pick up a guitar, I’ll be there with my mouth already agape. The two songs featured on this split are much poppier than the debut 7”—with cleaner vocals and more prominent guitar leads—but by all means good, yet not as good. On the other side are The Irritones. They’re French and feature members of Les Hatepinks. Ultra-snot vocals and over-the-top guitar wanking. For Christ’s sake, they’re called the Irritones! It’s kinda irritating! But if you’re gonna try and track down every Rough Kids record—and I suggest you do—then this record counts as #02.

 –Daryl Gussin (Crapoulet, [email protected])