ROUGH KIDS: “Into the ‘00s” b/w “So Sophisticated: 7"

Mar 07, 2011

Rough Kids sound like The Nerves getting in a not-joking, my-fist, your-face, no-I’m-not-going-to-apologize fight on stage. Peter Case-style hooks are played through what sounds like a smog and battery acid effects pedal. The energy on both songs sounds like kicks through the bass drum during the middle of the set, and the drummer answers by hitting the kit harder. Ratcheted anxiety. I have no idea of the inner dynamic of the Rough Kids; it’s just that the tension’s palpable inside of these two songs. If the idea of pop power wanting to get into a fight sounds good, you can’t do better than Rough Kids. Another strong 7” from these guys.

 –todd (Margin Mouth/Rough)