ROTTING OUT: This Is Just a Life: EP

Straight-ahead, no frills hardcore punk with a late ‘80s youth crew influence. Along the lines of bands like Bold, Mouthpiece, and Bane. The songs are mainly mid-tempo and they have some good breakdowns that are useful in switching to and from the thrashier parts. “Kobe Bryant Lifestyle” is the standout track, for sure, with “Two Worlds” a close second. My only complaint about this record is the two cover songs at the end (“LA Girl” and “I Love Living in the City”). I know this is the sort of thing that pleases a crowd, but fuck playing for a crowd. Make them come up to your level! The vocalist is pretty good; a gravelly, and yet, clear delivery, and the musicianship is super solid. Quite good all around. Nice to hear a band from L.A. that isn’t another drunk punk or clone crust band. For sure, one of the best true hardcore bands in the area.

 –M.Avrg (World Won’t Listen)