ROTTERS, THE: Pull It and Yell: CD

Jul 05, 2001

The Rotters are an old LA punk band who scored it big (well, a relative, flash-in-the-pan, late-seventies punk big) with the song "Sit on My Face Stevie Nicks." When people finished laughing over the title, they realized that the Rotters couldn't sing or play, and the Rotters drifted back into obscurity. Now, record collectors are selling their grandmothers for those early singles. Luckily, you can hear the music (though I don't know if it's the exact mastering and I know it's not worth any more than the ten bucks you paid for it) on this Dionysus re-issue, which is cool for those of us who like raunchy late-seventies punk that's completely derivative of the Sex Pistols, but don't want to scour ebay for the mint condition 45 with a misspelled producer's name on the sleeve that costs so much you wouldn't dare spin it. The songs were recorded in '78 and '79, and this album includes all their hits, plus eleven more songs. It's complete trash. I love it.

 –sean (Dionysus, PO Box 1975, Burbank, CA 91507;

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