ROTTEN UK: Bat Shit Crazy: 7”EP

This is the second 7” from the hilarious, ripping Rotten UK. Part joke band a la Who Killed Spikey Jacket?and part devout reenactment of the best of UK82 hardcore, Rotten UK is from Rochester, U.K., a.k.a. Western New York. Cerebral, intelligently inane, and an all-around hoot, the lyrics cover pressing punk issues like bestiality, Christian baiting, and chaos. Even better than their debut record, this is a 7” that won’t be forgotten. 82 copies come on colored vinyl, the first 30 thirty come with a large bat earring, and the next 77 come with a smaller bat earring. Fun for both those living the life and those standing on the sidelines, this record is the perfect balance of kitsch and reality. 

 –Art Ettinger (Disillusioned,