ROTGUT: El Borracho: CD

Jun 04, 2008

Straight-up pissed off punk rock, the kind of CD that the uninvited guest at a frat party slaps on the host’s stereo and proceeds to fuck the living room up beyond repair with his size 12s. Music to violently monkeyshine to, if you will. Rotgut would’ve been the support band on tour with the early years of Agnostic Front or Murphy’s Law. Some of you out there might even remember a few of the members here: Their frontman, David Cooperstein, busted out vox with the SoCal outfit, Last Round Up, and drummer Suzy Homewrecker laid the beat for such bands as Hollywood Hate and about a million others. Way worth your time, so get your own copy of this before I unexpectedly show up to your next party and introduce my size 12s. 

 –dale (Rotgut contact: (562) 639-6822)

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