ROT IN HELL: As Pearls before Swine: CD

Mar 07, 2011

I don’t really need to reiterate my love for Deathwish Records’ choice of signees, but let’s just say that Rot In Hell was yet another great call. I’ve been incredibly intrigued by this band since their first few 7” releases (available on the Hallways of the Always collection) and when I got wind of an upcoming LP on by far my favorite hardcore label, I was mad pumped. And yep, it fucking rips. Vile, vicious, raging hardcore from the Ringworm/Holy Terror school with heaps of ambiance in the form of instrumental interludes and spoken samples. Everything one would hope for from one of the newer torchbearers of dark, evil hardcore. Phenomenal.

 –Dave William (Deathwish,