This is dark, yet serene. There’s a bleakness here that is attractive—and oddly comforting and reassuring. The guitar sounds cold at times and there is a lot of space in the sound. Everything is so clean as well. “So Far Removed,” with the acoustic guitar, is unbelievable! So good… Lyrics are just above a whisper, though not campy or overwrought with emotion. This is music for those who have willingly disconnected from the world and the societal games that lead nowhere but to submission and compromise of self. At times this is epic without being loud. The title track is a perfect example. The tempo is up, the acoustic guitar dominates, and it has a sense of a new start. If you like Death In June, Boyd Rice, and Lurker Of Chalice, then you’ll like this. Me? I more than like this.

 –M.Avrg (A389,