ROSEMARY’S BABIES: Talking to the Dead: CD

May 31, 2007

Collected here are what I’m assuming constitute the complete sessions that resulted in the band’s 1983 Blood Lust 7” EP, plus some live tracks recorded at CBGB around the same time. What you get is twenty-five tracks of east coast hardcore that is very much of its time from a group whose biggest claims to fame is that they come from the same NJ scene that spawned the Misfits and that their drummer was none other than Eerie Von, who went on to play bass in Samhain and Danzig. While they sound nothing like their more famous neighbors, they do have a certain charm of their own, as evidenced by songs like “Let’s Molest 10-Year-Olds,” “Fake Babies,” “Alice in Murderland” and “Attack of the 50-Foot Cowboy.” Only downside to this is that, unlike the original EP, the cover of this ain’t hand colored. Bummer.

 –jimmy (Ghastly)