Sep 19, 2013

Just going off the band’s name, photo, song titles, and packaging ((Zapf Chancery! Comic Sans! Myspace!)), i assumed that this was going to be a bunch of incompetent slobs playing beer punk for their ten friends and weird girlfriends. Oddly, it’s nothing of the sort—it’s actually a quite competent mish-mosh of Bay Area style ska-punk and Chicago style pop punk, with breakdowns and a twangy bass and a guy who probably doesn’t want to be told he occasionally sings like Billie Joe occasionally singing like Billie Joe. I suppose a couple of these songs could be on the radio, if they still play songs on the radio. I’m not crazy about this, but i do give them credit for not appealing to me in completely different ways than in the ways in which i had initially assumed they would not appeal to me. BEST SONG: “Make It Bleed” BEST SONG TITLE: “Sloppy Joel” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: I honestly do not remember the last time i saw Zapf Chancery used to typeset a link to a band’s MySpace page.

 –norb (1332,